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Exhibit Examples


Chess Hall of Fame

Worked as a research assistant for the World Chess Hall of Fame (WCHOF) in St. Louis (January 2019-August 2020), where I was engaged in research pursuant to the creation of interpretive/educational labels and text panels that were featured in the various exhibits hosted by the facility. I also helped locate, research, and interpret historical photos. In addition, I investigated historical timelines, transcribed oral interviews, and performed various accessioning tasks as they arose. Using PastPerfect Museum Software, I photographed, organized, and accessioned a donated collection of over 200 chess sets and boards. I also completed an exhibit proposal that utilized sets from this same donation. In addition, I bring skills gleaned from my recent internship with the Missouri Humanities Council (January 2020-October 2020), where I was involved in an effort to accession a private donation of approximately 500 items. Those items were donated by a local German- American family with deep roots in the state of Missouri, and included such things as clothing, tools, small items of furniture, bedding, photographs, religious objects, hats, and jewelry. I was responsible for selecting the appropriate accessioning software, arranging and photographing the items, and researching the appropriate cleaning and storage methods for each.


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