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Occupational Experience


Historical Society



From April of 2021 until January of 2022, I coordinated and supervised volunteer activities for the St. Charles County Historical Society (SCCHS). In this capacity, I was a liaison between the facility’s archivist and its volunteers, working to prioritize projects, assign them to the appropriate volunteers, and keep track of their progress/status. These on-going projects were completed alongside the daily research requests that came in via email or phone, and they were managed and completed at the same time that individuals from the community were requesting in-person assistance with their private research. I also served as the point person for most of the tech support issues that arose within the building, recruiting and training new volunteers, and making monthly reports to the Board of Directors. I brought to this position a skill set that I developed courtesy of my work as a docent and volunteer for the Missouri History Museum/Missouri Historical Society (November 2017- 2022). I began working there during my final year of undergraduate work, and initially focused on providing services within the exhibitions themselves, directing foot traffic through the spaces in question and answering any questions that guests had with regard to the items and photographs on display. Later, I began assisting with evening events, speaker events, and outdoor concerts. As well as serving as a regular contributor to the Missouri Historical Society’s monthly newsletter. Further, I brought talents and abilities that have been fostered by my tenure as a board member for the Joseph R. Palmer Family Memorial Library.


Holocaust Museum



Assisted in the archives and collections department at the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum, formerly the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center of St. Louis. My employment there began when the department was engaged in an effort to prepare its archives and collections for transport to a temporary facility pursuant to a two-year construction project that the museum was in the initial phases of. Once that temporary move has been completed, I became involved in archival work and various research projects pursuant to the creation of the new museum. I was also engaged in an effort to rehouse and consolidate the oral history collection, and to edit Holocaust survivor testimony in preparation for the relaunch of the museum’s website and YouTube channel. In addition, I provided behind-the-scenes technical support for the museum’s online events.

Bachelor Completion
Following the completion of my bachelors degree in history (2018), I became a docent for the St. Louis Kaplan Feldman Holocaust Museum, formerly the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center in St. Louis. For a time, I continued to serve the institution in this capacity, while the museum was closed for expansion. I also served on the Docent Advisory Committee for the museum and became a chair to the committee for the new “Dan Rich Culture Club,” which meet monthly to discuss current books, plays, and/or films related to the Holocaust and its themes. During that same time period, I enrolled in graduate school at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). My academic work there, which earned me membership in Phi Alpha Theta in 2019, was directed toward the study of history and museum/public heritage work.


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